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Tartílope V2

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Automatic handling system for welding with two degrees of freedom Equipment features The Tartylope V2 is a robotic welding manipulator that has automatic movement with two ...

Automatic handling system for welding with two degrees of freedom

Equipment features

  • The Tartylope V2 is a robotic welding manipulator that has automatic movement with two degrees of freedom, with the "x-axis" for longitudinal movement and the "y-axis" for transverse movement. This movement in two degrees of freedom allows the equipment to carry out welding using weaving, which is characterized by the oscillatory movement of the welding torch in the transverse direction of travel.
  • Its movement reproduces some of the movements that the welder makes naturally during welding. This makes it possible to obtain better results, such as filling joints in a single pass, and also to carry out high-performance procedures for coatings.

Basic Components
  • Microprocessor-based electronic module that processes and controls movements.
  • Tractor module with rigid rail linkage (the rails can be fixed in any position by magnetic fasteners or suction cups).
  • Torch clamping module with manual adjustments.
  • Remote control programming.

Repetitive processes

The Tartylope V2 provides process repeatability, meaning that a movement performed once can be faithfully repeated as many times as necessary.

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Technical specifications
Welding with weave

The system is capable of trapezoidal, triangular and rectangular weaving, allowing a wide range of adjustments according to the required welding condition

Cut into geometric shapes

Rectangles, circles, triangles, which can be cut automatically. The user can also program the geometric figure they want to cut by marking points that will be joined by straight lines

Automatic joint follow-up

The weaving variables can be modified during welding and imperfections in the joint alignment can be corrected manually by the operator or through an automatic joint tracking system.

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Versatile equipment

Torch holder
The torch holder that comes with the Tartylope V2 allows you to manually adjust the distance between the welding torch and the workpiece, as well as adjusting the angle of attack and lateral inclination. The different adjustment options of this holder allow a wide variety of welding torch types to be installed quickly and properly.

Controle eletrônico
The Tartylope V2 has a micro-processor-based electronic control and a Human Machine Interface with LCD display for selecting the chosen parameters, allowing the operator to easily make the necessary adjustments during welding.

Technical specifications
  • Ability to interface and synchronize with welding source and microcomputer, with flexibility in its control software
  • Possibility of changing the weaving frequency (oscillation) while maintaining the longitudinal welding speed
  • Possibility of digitally regulating stop times at the ends of the oscillation
  • Possibility of online adjustment via joystick of the straight and woven path during welding.
  • x-axis running on rigid rails with a length of around 1.2 m, but with the possibility of connectivity to additional rails
  • Welding in all positions possible
  • Y-axis with displacement up to 300 mm
  • x-axis speed up to 160 cm/min
  • Y-axis speed up to 300 cm/min
  • Weaving programming capacity for welding in triangular shapes, with or without a stop at the ends of the path, and trapezoidal shapes
  • Possibility of coupling joint tracking systems

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