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Caneta TIG

Automatic Wire Feeding with Adaptive Control The Automatic Wire Feeding System with Adaptive Control is designed for manual wire application in TIG welding processes. Demo video Video..

Manual LASER welding

International partnership SPS-Soldering, in partnership with the Spanish company Know How - Manufacturing, presents an innovative solution for manual laser welding. MANUAL LASER welding equipment ..


Measurement of speed, electrode length and welding time. Equipment features It has digital and analog outputs for reading by microcomputers. The MVA measures wire feed speed in welding processes with automatic material feed. The MVA me..


The MVG 3 is a gas flow measurement instrument with performance specially designed for use in welding processes. System features LCD display that clearly shows selected functions and information Analog output of the mass..


Computational Tool for the Control of Arc Welding Processes Advanced welding source control system via microcomputer with graphical interface Developed for the Windows environment, SAC allows the user to control the welding source using a mi..

Tartílope V1

Equipment features Automatic welding torch displacement system The Tartylope V1 is an automatic torch travel system that allows welding and cutting to be carried out in any position. The travel speed range varies from 5 to 160 cm/min, with a res..

Tartílope V2

Automatic handling system for welding with two degrees of freedom Equipment features The Tartylope V2 is a robotic welding manipulator that has automatic movement with two degrees of freedom, with the "x-axis" for longitudinal movement an..

Tartílope V2F (joint tracking)

Tartílope V2F with intelligent torch displacement system for automatic positioning correction during welding Intelligent automatic torch travel system In the same way that a welder observes the joint in order to follow it, the system does ..

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