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Sistema PTA-P

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Equipment features The system for plasma welding with the addition of powder makes it possible to produce metal coatings with high surface quality, low dilution and controllability of the metal p...

Equipment features

The system for plasma welding with the addition of powder makes it possible to produce metal coatings with high surface quality, low dilution and controllability of the metal puddle.

Although there is currently little availability of alloys in powder form, the process is promising because it allows alloys to be mixed, increasing their range of applications. This technology was initially developed as an alternative method of manufacturing high-quality coatings on components used in the nuclear industry.

Several advantages are attributed to the process, among them:

  • The PTA-P process can achieve a dilution of 5%, much lower than the typical values of 20-25% obtained with MIG and TIG processes.

  • Easier to produce additive materials for different experimental purposes by mixing different powders.

Basic Components
  • DIGIPLUS A7 PTA - integrated system for plasma welding with powder addition
  • ADP VR-F - special powder consumables feeder for the PTA-P process
  • ADP Feeder Drum - commercial powder feeder for the PTA-P process
  • PTS3 - welding torch for the PTA-P process

Characteristics of the PTA-P process

Welding, as a process for recovering parts that have suffered material loss, has a wide range of possibilities. Here we present a technological innovation based on the so-called plasma welding process. This process innovation features powdered alloys as an addition material, which can be obtained by suitable mixtures. The process has proven to be productive in comparison to other processes whose heat source is the arc. It does not involve close dependence between energy and the amount of molten material and produces a deposit with penetration that is not excessive, as in the MIG/MAG process.


Special powder consumables feeder for the PTA-P process

The ADP VR-F is a powder feeder specially designed to handle consumables with shape and particle size characteristics that are difficult to feed through conventional equipment, as well as allowing the application of the PTA-P process in out-of-position welding.

The dosing of consumables is carried out by a device such as a Rotary Valve (volumetric dosing), which is efficient in handling materials of different morphologies and particle size ranges. As a result, this feeder is ideal for research activities aimed at developing materials via PTA-P.

The ADP VR-F also has a Fluidizer, i.e. a chamber that prepares the material to be sent to the ocha. This component attenuates any disturbances in the feed and allows the use of transport hoses with smaller diameters than traditional ones. In this way, the equipment guarantees a constant supply of powder even when welding out of position, making it possible to weld in the over-head position, providing repeatability and quality for PTA-P welding.

At the control cabinet interface, the desired feed rate can be set by varying the speed of the rotary valve motor. If the density of the material is known, volumetric dosing allows the operator to directly set the desired mass feed rate.

Technical Data



Feed rate 0 to 20 cm³/min
Bin capacity 750 cm³ (0,750 L)
Morphology of Particles Works with different morphologies
Particle size range +11 -500 µm
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 430 x 250 x 130 mm


What sets the system apart is that it brings together the main and pilot arc power units, the high-frequency igniter for the pilot arc, the electronic valves for controlling the flow of plasma gas and carrier gas, the microprocessor control unit and the human-machine interface (HMI) in a single small cabinet.

The control software makes it possible, via the HMI, to electronically regulate all the process parameters, including the pilot arc current, the plasma and powder carrier gas flow rates and the powder mass flow rate. Together with the possibility of customization, this flexibility allows both industry and research and development to optimize the process for each specific application.

In its version for automated applications, the DIGIPLUS A7 PTA can also control the Tartilopes robotic manipulators in the SPS range via the HMI, as well as other positioning and handling systems (e.g. rotary tables).

ADP Feeder drum

Commercial powder feeder for the PTA-P process

The ADP Dosing Drum provides high performance in the feeding of powdered consumables composed of particles of a shape and size compatible with the standards used in the PTA-P process.

Using the mechanical principle of conveyor belts, a metering drum transfers the material contained in the silo to the pneumatic conveying hose. The feed rate of the welding consumables can be regulated both by the rotation of the drum and by adjusting the height between the drum and the silo discharge channel.

The ADP Dosing Drum provides continuous feed with good regularity, delivering high quality welds. It is ideal for industrial applications and is a robust, long-lasting piece of equipment.


Technical Data

ADP Feeder drum


Feed rate 0 to 10 kg/h
Bin capacity 600 cm³ (0,6 L)
Morphology of Particles Preferencialmente esférica
Particle size range +45 -250 µm
Weight 6,2 kg

PTS3 Torch

Tocha de soldagem para o processo PTA-P

The PTS-3 torch represents an evolution in torches for the PTA-P welding process. Its design is compact and is distinguished by the presence of only one water cooling circuit, reducing the number of accessories for coating or joining operations, contributing to better mobility of the system as a whole. In addition, special attention has been paid to the design of the parts assembly, making it simpler and quicker to change consumables.

Its innovative mechanical concept allows for consistent welding in out-of-plane positions, with no build-up of filler material (metal powder) inside and regular material injection jets into the weld pool, while maintaining lower drag gas values than other models on the market.

One of its versions (PTS3-F) allows the use of constrictor nozzles with different numbers of injector holes.

Technical Data

PTS3 Torch

Water-cooled yes
Power capacity 200 to @ 100%
Diameter of constrictor holes 3,2 mm, 4,0 mm*
Number of injector holes 1; 4; 6; 8* (PTS3-F) 1 e 4 (PTS3-A)
* Other specifications available on request

Special applications

SPS develops systems for welding, automation and instrumentation, serving sectors such as:

  • Education and Research;
  • Oil and Gas
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food;
  • Consumer goods.